The Beginning of the End: Last Semester

It’s here. My last semester of college. This semester has been the fastest-slowest semester I’ve ever experienced. It’s crazy to think that soon my life won’t be measured in semesters or defined by the classes I took or internships I worked. No more asking where I go to school, but instead asking where I work and what school I went to. The past four years have felt like a fever dream, because there’s no way I could have imagined the way my life has gone the past four years. I’ll save all my sappiness and emotions for May when the end is truly near but in the meantime I can’t stop thinking about how much I’ll miss this. I’ll miss all the free food at school events, nights in the library when I’ve put everything off until the last possible second. I started off my senior year in a very low place. I was stressed about what I wanted to do, I was struggling financially, I felt like I had no sense of control over anything in my life. As I’ve started my second semester, my life has picked up, my schedule is packed and almost every minute of my day during the week is accounted for, but I hope, and I’m trying, to savor these days and these moments.

15 year-old me still can’t believe that I made it here. 21 year-old me can’t believe that it’s all coming to an end so soon.