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May Small Goals

LifeToyosiGoals, Life

May. Where the eff did you come from? Like seriously, how is the year going by so fast??? Any who, let's talk about some goals shall we?

A P R I L  G O A L S


Make the bed every morning

 | Excluding the days when I was running late for class, I have made my bed every morning and believe me when I say that I really like coming home to a made bed. Making my bed feels routine now so I'm hoping that this habit really sticks.

2. Drink at least 2 bottle of water daily

 | I started off the month so strong, and then really started slipping about halfway through. I have been drinking water more often though, even if it's not as much as I should be drinking daily.


Clean my makeup brushes

 | Finally got around to cleaning my makeup brushes and even picked up two more.


Keep up my skincare routine

 | I definitely got better with keeping up my skincare routine this month, yet I still managed to get some breakouts on my forehead which never happens. I'm hoping that it's only because the weather has been so weird lately and that my skin will go back to normal soon.

M A Y  G O A L S

1. Get an internship

 | I'm trying to keep myself busy and make some cash this summer by interning, hopefully at my dad's office. Being at NYU, and in Stern specifically, the pressure to have a swanky internship every summer/semester is very real. Hoping to boost my resume and make some money for when I hopefully study abroad.

2. Finish the year with good grades

 | This semester was definitely a lot smoother than last semester and I'm hoping that it will reflect in my grades. At the end of the day, as long as I'm putting in my best effort, I'll be content (at least that's what I'll tell myself).

3. Enjoy my final days of freshman year

 | I'm basically done with my first year of college, can you believe it? This year, and this semester especially, went by way too fast. I'm ready to be home for the next few months, but I think I'm even more ready to come back in the fall for sophomore year.

These are my goals this month, what are you trying to achieve?