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Daniel Wellington

I am all about juxtaposition when dressing. I'm the kinda girl who will wear sneakers with nice dresses, red lipstick and winged eyeliner with the simplest outfit, and yes, a nice button down with overalls, it's what I do. Something I also do, is bend dress code rules. I don't think I've ever taking a dress code requirement seriously in my entire life. Unfortunately I think this way of carefree dressing is going to have to take a backseat. As a business student, blazers and button downs are a way of life, and no one wants to stick out in a bad way. While I won't be able to break the rules for long, I'm definitely taking advantage of it while I can.

I can't get enough of these overalls because they're cute, and they have SO MANY POCKETS. Such a dream. These Ralph Lauren oxford shirts are my favorite because they fit so well. I usually wear them with jeans casually, or with my black pants and a blazer for more professional events, but wearing this shirt with overalls is what my heart really desired all this time. I feel like you can 


take me seriously in this outfit, until you realize that overalls are probably best suited for toddlers. Also the fact that I'm drinking out of a coconut doesn't really help.

While this is essentially the perfect combination of

business and casual

, I don't think it qualifies as

business casual

. Whomp.