Looks like I'm back to my old shopping habits again! This month hands down has more items than the previous months, and I have no complaints.

Despite not yet setting foot in a pool all summer (it's not like I live down the street from a pool...), I picked up yet another bikini top because the fit is just too good and for $6 you really can't beat that price. Another slightly impulsive and out of character purchase was these earrings. I couldn't care less about the earrings I wear, and I've always been a diehard studs girl, but once I got the idea in my head of wearing blingy earrings with a super nonchalant outfit and big sunglasses I was sold. 

I've recently made it my mission to pick up some more tops that I could easily wear to class or dress up for dinner or possibly work. This top from J.Crew Factory is great for wearing anywhere. Just a few weekends ago I wore it to work and then to a party that night. I love the boxy fit, but it's a little snug at the hips so I may get it hemmed for more of a cropped look.

My best friend works at Madewell and she has totally turned me into a Madewell fanatic. For the longest time I felt like their laid back look just wasn't for me, but I've grown to really dig it. They were having a good sale so I picked up some more tops that I felt would be really versatile. I can already tell that I will be wearing these loose tanks all. the. time. and I'm envisioning wearing this top with high-waisted jeans and an oversized denim jacket during the day or with jeans and booties at night. 

 I love everything I picked up this month, but I definitely have some items on my shopping list that I want to focus on in the upcoming months.