June Purchases | Budgeting Bloggers

I know I’ve said this already but I’ll say it again, I really haven’t been into shopping lately. So far this year I’ve purchased 10 items and I’ve unintentionally gone a month with out shopping twice. This month the items I picked up were more out of necessity than pure want, but I’m still really excited about them!

I’m really not much of a swimmer (aka I don’t know how to swim) but it’s always nice to have a swimsuit on hand incase I want to go cool off at our neighborhood pool. The only top I had was way too small so I scooped up this basic bandeau from J.Crew for a great price. It fits perfectly and makes me feel comfortable. I like it so much that I actually ordered another one in navy for a more neutral option. 

I started working full time in June, so I felt that now would be a good time to buy some work pants. My office isn’t too formal, but I would feel a bit underdressed if I wore my black jeans on a day other than Friday. I scoured the J.Crew sale section (my favorite section) and picked up the Ryder pant and their Pixie snap-front pant. The Ryder pant are what you think of when you think of work pants but they look really good on and are super comfortable. They have the right amount of stretch but don’t lose their shape and can be worn multiple times before washing. Also another perk, they are machine washable! 

I really like my pixie pants and had already been considering getting another pair because of how often I wear them in the fall and winter. The snap-front version of the pixies looks more like actual pants, making it easier to wear to work. They are longer and higher waisted than the regular pixies which takes a little bit to get used to, but I’m really enjoying them so far. These pants almost remind me of a matte version of the American Apparel disco pants.

Once again, I'm pretty proud of my ability to curb my spending, but with this new job and some extra money in my pocket I'm itching to treat myself to a little shopping spree sometime soon!