Budgeting Bloggers | November Purchases

Budgeting Bloggers | November Purchases

What a month. Let's acknowledge the elephant in the room first because I spent SO MUCH MONEY. I was pretty liberal with my debit card this month, mainly because I spent a solid few weeks feeling exhausted, upset with myself, and calling various people crying when shit hit the fan, but damn.

I'm imposing a no-shopping December to give my bank account a chance to recoup, but while I try to not spend more let's talk about all the things I did buy. Yay American consumerism!!!

The only thing that I think was a necessary purchase was the J.Crew Boy Shirt in white. My white button up somehow disappeared from my closet sometime last semester and I knew it wouldn't be long until I had to get a replacement for it. I came across a J.Crew and Madewell sample sale and picked up this shirt as well as a striped top from Madewell (that I'm currently wearing, it's super cute!). 

I stopped by at Old Navy to see if I could find some good winter basics, primarily a hat, and came away with this cold shoulder top instead. I love that it's not strapless so I don't have to worry about it falling down and I can already imagine myself wearing this to various holiday events! Following with this trend I found a off the shoulder dress from Zara that I couldn't pass up. I can already tell how fun this will be to wear in the Spring and Summer, and it also has pockets which makes it a win in my book. 

I'm having a hard time deciding if the bell sleeve sweater or the patent flats from Zara is my favorite purchase of the month. I'm literally obsessed with both. I love the sweater because it's super cozy and the sleeves are unique without being too out there. It's a great dressier sweater and needs very little accessorizing to make an outfit. The flats on the other hand have been something I've been looking for for about two years! I've been looking for the right pair of patent loafers, especially because I don't have any flats that I can wear day-to-day and for nicer occasions. These fit a bit snug, I'm typically an 8 but went down to a 7.5 because the 8's looked weird when I walked, but I'm crossing my fingers that they stretch slightly because they're just so darn perfect. 

Last would be the Adidas hoodie I bought for lazy days and to layer under other jackets, and a sweet vintage Levi's denim jacket that I thrifted when I was out on Long Island for Thanksgiving. The jacket is actually for kids so the sleeves are a bit cropped, but I think the overall look works and the quality of the denim is far better than most jackets you'd find today. 

Whew! This was quite a rambling post today! Can you tell that I haven't written in awhile?