7 simple ways to prep for new years

Happy new year!

I hope you had tons of fun welcoming 2017 and most importantly kicking 2016 out the door. With January 1st comes plenty of resolutions and #newyearnewme mentality and while I agree that it's a noble thing to do, let's be honest and admit that most people don't follow through. While I won't be setting any big resolutions for this year because I know myself as a person, there are a few things I'm doing to kick off the new year.

Organizing my pinterest boards:

If you're like me then pinterest is a major source of inspiration and a great place to hold recipes, DIYs, and outfit ideas. Over time I've noticed that my style and interests have changed and now that pinterest lets you mass edit pins, it's easier than ever to go through your boards, delete the items that don't quite belong and more and possibly break down your boards into something more specific. Delete the outfits you'd never wear, get rid of the interiors that don't match your aesthetic, and if a goal of yours is to eat healthier you might want to get rid of some food pins that involve obscene amounts of fat, salt, and sugar etc. to curb any future cravings or temptation.

Reevaluating parts of my life that are important to me:

Last year I sat down with my notebook and a big cup of tea to evaluate my personal style for the year and how I wanted to continue to develop it going forward. I took note of items and styles that I really gravitated towards and made a mental list of what items I'd like to add to my closet or items that I was missing that I felt like I needed to really complete my wardrobe. You could apply this concept to the books you want to read in the following year (looking at what you liked/didn't like in the books that you read in 2016 and creating a curated reading list for 2017), recipes to make, movies to watch, etc.

Throwing out/donating a trash bag worth of items:

Doing a big purge is always refreshing no matter what time of the year it is, but doing so right after the holidays always feels the most rewarding. Maybe santa brought you a new sweater, or a purse, or a gift card of some sort. This is a perfect time to bring in some, new higher quality items while letting go of some items that could be loved better by someone else. I'm also using the new year to throw out all the old notes, drawings, and knick knacks that I've been hoarding since forever. I want it to feel like a vacation when I come home, not like I'm back in middle school.

There's some other things you might consider doing like updating your LinkedIn/resume, deleting random Facebook friends, unsubscribing from email newsletters and notifications, or backing up and deleting old photos from your phone, but I think this is a good place to start!