Winter 10x10 | Outfit 1

Shirt: Uniqlo // Vest: J.Crew Factory // Jeans: J.Crew // Shoes: Adidas

Here's my first outfit in my Winter 10x10! This is what I wore on my flight from Austin to New York. It was nice and 60 degrees when I got to the city so there was no need for a coat, just some light layering to keep me warm on the plane and keep me from getting too cold when the temperature started to dip at night. This fleece turtleneck as well as the jeans are soft and easy to wear and I always wear my puffer vest on flights when it's seasonally appropriate. The amount and the size of the pockets on this thing are ridiculous which makes it perfect for holding my phone, headphones, portable charger, lip balm, and boarding pass while navigating through the airport with all my stuff.