Winter 10x10 Recap

Winter 10x10 Recap

Later is better than never right?

As a quick refresher, I decided to partake in the Winter 10x10 Challenge where I would only wear 10 items over the course of 10 days. Going in to it I was excited. I mean, I basically wear the same outfits every day, how hard could it be, right?


My favorite outfits were twoseveneight, and nine. I really love outfit 7 because it's something that I probably wouldn't have put together if it weren't for this challenge. I think I did a pretty good job of creating outfits that worked well for the situations I was in (brunch or coffee with a friend, walks in the west village, and traveling) 


I didn't realize how much I'd miss having options. Sure I can wear a white shirt and jeans everyday for a month, but the ability to choose from a variety of white shirts and jeans is actually really important to me and keeps me from getting bored. It also didn't help that the weather wasn't as nice as I expected it, so some days all I wanted was to wear one of my cozy sweaters. Going into this I thought my Gap cardigan would be the perfect layering piece, I think there was a period of time where I wore it everyday for about two months, but I quickly realized that it did not layer well under my coat and that it was generally too light to wear on it's own. 


I don't think I'd do a capsule wardrobe/challenge again in the future. It felt too limiting and made getting dressed boring. Instead of focusing on having a certain number, I'm starting to focus on owning items that are well made, fit like a glove, and things that fit my everyday life. Looking back I wish that I had added something with color to help break up the neutral color pattern. I don't own very many colorful items, but even something as simple as a chambray shirt or a burgundy long sleeve would have helped to make me outfits feel different and more interesting. 

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