Thoughts on 2017

Leave it to me to write a 2017 reflection post almost three weeks into the new year. 

Every year seems to go by faster than the last and 2017 felt like it went by exceptionally fast. SO much happened! So many big and crazy and wonderful and interesting things happened and it'd be a shame if i didn't take a moment to sit and try to write some of it down.

The biggest thing, that I still can't believe happened was me studying abroad for almost five months. It marked my first solo international trip, and I got to visit 10 new countries and about 14 new cities. I've already written enough about my time abroad, but I am so grateful that I had that opportunity and I am already itching for my next big adventure. 

This year was also my first summer spent in the city which was a goal I set for myself in 2016 and didn't think would actually come true. I interned at NYU in a position that was created only a few weeks before I left Prague and I am so happy that I was able to enjoy New York in the summer and work with my closest friends. I got to live alone in a studio in Union Square, I had my first retail job at Madewell and spent too much money on clothes, we went to Coney Island for the Fourth of July and I spent my 20th birthday picnicking in Central Park with my favorite gals. New York in the summertime is surprisingly a lot quieter with more people vacationing elsewhere and it was great to feel like I had the city all to myself.

Come fall time I started classes that I actually enjoyed and I quit retail to work for a small branding agency doing their social media. I've learned a lot so far (like the fact that I definitely prefer brand/social strategy over actually managing social media channels), and I feel more secure in my ability to secure a job haha.

On a personal, personal level, 2017 was the year that I actually started to like myself. And I know that sounds wild to say, but I think up until this point I relied a lot on other people's opinion of me and while I have wonderful friends and people in my corner, I never felt comfortable owning who I am and all the things that make me a pretty great human being. I still have a long ways to go, but I have more security in who I am and am learning more and more to be vulnerable and to own that. I opened up to more people, and some of those encounters resulted in funny stories to tell friends, others in frustration and disappointment, but none of them destroyed me as they might have in 2016. I'm still a person who's often thinking up, down, sideways, and 10 years in the future, but the voice inside my head that says "things are really good right now, let's enjoy right now" is getting a little bit louder and it really helping me savor the highs and find some comfort in the lows. 

I think that's enough sappy emotions for one blog post! I hope that 2017 saw more personal wins than losses and that 2018 is the year that we all kill it.