Recent Purchases

Recent Purchases

Madewell Tee (sold out) // H&M Bodysuit // Merci Bracelet // COS Striped Top // Longchamp Large Le Pliage Tote

Since I've been abroad shopping has been the last thing on my mind. Mainly because I rather spend the money on a trip to somewhere and also because I already don't know how I'm gonna haul all my stuff back to the US without going over the baggage limits... I love that I've been less concerned about acquiring stuff and more focused on paying for experiences, but there have been a few items that I just couldn't pass up. These are the few items that I've picked up since the beginning of the year and I love each and every one of them! 

I've had my eye on this madewell top because breakfast is hands down the best meal of the day and I decided to pick it up before I left for Europe when it was on super sale. I'm generally not the type to wear shirts with words on them, but this is just so cute and fun to wear on casual days. Before my trip to Brussels, my friends insisted that I bring 'going out clothes'. As a self-professed grandmother, my going out wardrobe is nonexistent because I much rather stay in on the weekends, but I gave into their peer pressure and bought this low-back bodysuit from H&M. I think this is actually the first purchase I've made from H&M in over a year! The low-back makes it qualify as "going out clothes" in my book, but it's something that I would still wear during the day.  It's also an item that makes me feel more feminine especially considering that I have more of a boyish frame.

I let Paris be my "ball all out" trip and let myself pop into as many stores and boutiques and I wanted to. I had to stop by Merci, which is what my dreams are actually made of, and bought matching merci medals for my best friend and I. It's a little something that will always remind myself of the few days I spend there and serves as a little reminder to always say 'thanks'. Of course it wouldn't be a trip to France without some stripes involved so I finally picked up a red and white striped top to add to my arsenal. Nowadays, red is really the only vibrant color I wear and I know that this shirt will be worn till it falls to pieces. Paris was actually the first time I've ever stepped into COS and their sister store & Other Stories (they're both under the H&M family) and I think that I may be obsessed. 

The last item was something that I had been thinking about for a while and I'm really glad that I finally pulled the trigger. I've been using my Everlane tote for over 3 years now, and although I love it and it has served me well, I hate that it doesn't have a zip closure. Everlane has updated it to have a zipper now, but I wanted to replace it with something that looked a bit more classic. Longchamp, as a French brand, is much cheaper in France– my bag was 2/3 the price compared to if I bought it back home! I mean, financially it made sense to get it in Europe if I was gonna get it anyways. I've been using it a lot since I got it and it holds everything and anything. I think I'm gonna start using this instead of my duffle bag on short trips. It's definitely more spacious than my Everlane tote and it's something I know I will never tire of. 

Although I'm trying to curb my shopping, I seriously feel the need to overhaul my closet after being surrounded by some of the most stylish people ever. What purchases have you made lately? What do you currently have your eye on?