it felt right.

paris terrace- toyosi oyelola

You know that I'm on cloud nine when I'm so happy that I take the time to sit down and write about it. 

I'm in a really good place right now. 

Everything about right now just feels right.

And there's a bunch of unknowns and I have so much to figure out, but I can feel myself progressing and improving and I am so happy with some of the work I've created and the things I've done in the past few weeks. I travelled solo and took some of my favorite pictures to date. I finally found an editing style that evokes all the right feelings. I've made more attempts to cook and have really enjoyed being back in the kitchen, from trying not to cry while cutting onions to plating a big bowl of pasta or wiping down the counters, I've enjoyed every moment. I'm hitting my creative stride and I couldn't feel any more at ease. 

My game plan this summer is to really work on myself and things that make me excited. I want to revamp the blog and hopefully find a way to mesh it together with my personal portfolio (which doesn't exist yet). I want to spend more time trying new recipes, and shooting more photos, and trying new things. I want to learn more about SEO and social media branding and engagement. I know I'll also need to have a summer job to help save up some money, but I'm hoping to find one that engages me creatively as well. If I learned one thing from last summer, it's that working 9-5 doing mundane things in an office is not good for my mental or physical health and I vow to never do that to myself again, even if the pay is great. I love myself too much to not be devoting time to the things I feel I was meant to do. 

It's exciting to feel excited again— and I can't wait to see what will come from this new found energy.