Stripes in Spring

Top: COS (wearing XS) // Shorts: Levi's // Shoes: Adidas // Sunglasses: Eye Buy Direct

After a brutal and seemingly never-ending winter I'm beyond grateful to see the sun and feel warm once again. I pulled out my shorts for the first time this semester a few weeks ago which came with mixed emotions. I was ecstatic to show my legs and not freeze to death, but these Levi shorts which I've been wearing every summer for the past few years are now a pinch too tight. I blame all the ciders, and trdelnik, and pasta, and... let's just say I've been eating real well while abroad. 

I refused to let such a beautiful day go to waste so I rallied up some friends to go sit in the beautiful park down the street, sip some ciders, and bask in the sun. Growing up in Texas has made me a self-professed heliophile so i'll take as much sun as I can get.

It also happened to be National Stripes Day (as declared by J.Crew, of course) so I had to wear my striped top from COS, which is becoming one of my favorite stores. I also have my eye on this striped top by them (how cute is the red collar!)

Not that the weather is on the rise, and my days left in Prague are on the decline, I'm hoping to really get out and explore some of the more hidden parts of the city.