Don't Call it a Resolution

Don't Call it a Resolution
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I am not one to follow through with resolutions or monthly goals. I know, it sounds terrible, but I've decided to stop with the 'new year, new me' mentality and just try to be a bit better everyday ya know? Instead of setting goals for myself or resolutions for the upcoming year, I've decided to create some friendly reminders to keep in the back of my head as I make my way through 2018 and beyond. 

respond to the damn email

I am really bad at emails. I hate to admit it, especially because there once was a time when I was #inboxzeroqueen, but I am the absolute worst at responding to emails in a timely manner. I think a lot of it stems from overthinking the right response, or being scared of what the other person might reply. Either way email isn't going anywhere and the sooner I can respond or send my message the sooner the other person can reply and totally shut me down— or respond exactly how I wanted them to. 

eat out less / eat out better

With a busier schedule I've found myself eating out more often than usual. It's gotten to the point where the people at Potbelly's by my office know my name and my order (grilled cheese with bacon and a cup of tomato soup plz). I'll have to be smart with my planning to make sure that I have time to make something at home to take to work or campus when my classes run late, but I want to do less Chipotle and Potbelly runs so I can use that money towards nicer meals or trying out places that are new to me. This goal isn't really bout saving money or necessarily eating healthier (although both are things I would love to accomplish) but more about making eating out more of a special occasion and enjoying the meals I have when I'm out. 

shop smarter; less impulse, more thought

After my few months of working in retail, my impulse shopping has reared its ugly head again. Before working retail I was quite proud of my ability to curb my shopping habits and consumption. Blame it on my limited income and me still trying to find my style in college, but I really put in thought to what I was buying before I headed to the register and this is a mindset I'd like to regain this year. I think I'll work on making a list of items I know I've been wanting for awhile or items that need to be added to my closet to round it out, and then make small seasonal lists with items I have my eye on and seeing how they play into my wardrobe. Think of it like shopping for a capsule wardrobe without having a focus on numbers or anything like that. Would y'all be interested in posts around this topic? Let me know!

over document life

I don't have enough pictures of me with my friends and it sucks. Like really sucks. Do you know how hard is it to make a birthday instagram post for a friend when you can't find any pictures together? As someone who loves photography I am the worst at documenting the fun years that are college. I'm all for living in the moment, but I want to try to capture more of those moments to have for years to come. I didn't spend all this money on a fancy iPhone for nothing, and  I'm planning on upgrading my camera gear in the next few months so hopefully that'll put a pep in my photo-taking step. 

Did you set resolutions/goals/intentions for the new year? I'd love to hear them! Let's keep each other accountable friends. 

photo by Becca Gerbino