7 Content Creators to Follow Right Now

7 Content Creators to Follow Right Now

It's clear that I'm not the most amazing blogger, or content creator in general but there's something about January that makes me wanna kick things into overdrive and create like mad. As I learn to trust my creative abilities more, I've been looking up to a few creators who make content that's real, engaging, and of quality as inspiration. I've found myself reading less blogs and unfollowing more people on Instagram, but these are the few that really stand out from the rest. Give them a follow and let me know who some of your favorite content creators are!

Red Gaskell (website / twitter / instagram)

Red used to work for one of my favorite brands, Everlane, and managed their social which I always felt was innovative, fresh, and relevant. He's since left Everlane to do his own thing, but I've really enjoyed following him on twitter and instagram and keeping up with his work. Red is real, and down to earth, and is someone who I admire a lot and wish the best for. I particularly loved this blog post about his time management, and the intro of this video gets me every. time. 

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Binging with Babish

My friend got me hooked on his youtube series and I've uh been binging ever since. I have recently realized that I think I like his show so much because of how similar I find it to Alton Brown's Good Eats (which is coming back !!!). His main schtick is that he recreates foods from famous shows and movies, but he also has videos showing the basics of cooking. His videos are incredibly well done, and I can't stop watching one after another. He has a great voice which he uses on his podcast 'Bedtime with Babish' where he reads bedtime stories, and while I find this idea super weird, I can totally see how it just makes sense. My favorite episodes are all of them, but if I had to pick it would be his Game of Thrones, Grand Budapest Hotel, and Kitchen Tools Essentials episodes. 

Jamie Beck (@annstreetstudio)

I don't remember how I came across Jamie, but I'm so glad that I did. She's living her best French life in Provence and creating the most beautiful still-lives and portraits. All of her photos look like they could be paintings done by one of the Old Masters and she shows her step by step process in her instastories. Her stories are quite long, but I can't help but watch them from start to finish. 

Caroline Donofrio (@carolinecala)

Caroline used to be a writer for one of my favorite blogs, Cup of Jo, and I immediately followed her instagram once she left to pursue other things. What I can't get enough of is her series of Haikus for Former Lovers which is sometimes more relatable than I'd like to admit. She is a brilliant writer who doesn't take things too seriously, and as someone who got into dating recently, her haikus make me feel like I'm not going crazy. 

Bon AppétitBasically /Healthyish

Bon Appétit is obviously not new to the game, but I've recently been devouring their content and can't get enough. I especially love their spin-off of Basically which is a great source for people who are trying to learn more about the basics and become more confidant cooks, and Healthyish which is a great resource to find ways to fuel your body. I really love BA for their unpretentious and approachable view on cooking as well as their bright and fun imagery and online presence. This post is great if you're working on building up your kitchen arsenal and this post is the reason why I finally nailed caramelized onions. 


Cheyenne Adler (With Cheyenne / @adamantlyadler)

I've been following Cheyenne on instagram for a while and when she announced her blog launch I was beyond excited. She graduated from NYU Stern last year and while our paths didn't overlap while in college, she's definitely someone who I admire and look up to. Her content covered everything from style to mental health and I appreciate her candidness. Also make sure to keep up with her insta stories, it's basically like a little reality show!

Caroline St Francis (When & Wear / @carolinestfrancis)

Another NYU Stern alum and someone who I've actually been reading since before college! I found Caroline while looking up a college packing list and I've been reading ever since. I love her classic style,  she always has the cutest pieces, and her ability to balance blogging with school, and now working full-time honestly astounds me.