Need a New Show to Binge Watch in a Day?

A New Netflix Show to binge-The End of the F***ing World

I'm really not one to binge watch an entire show, but once I saw the trailer for The End of the F***ing World on Netflix, I couldn't help but start the first episode. The entire season is under three hours and you better believe that I watched it all in one go. It has a story plot and dialogue that's so weird and often uncomfortable, but I couldn't stop watching. You need to have a dark (or pitch black as all the reviews accurately call it) and dry sense of humor to really appreciate it, and I will definitely warn that there's a lot of content that could be triggering to some, but my brother and I thoroughly enjoyed watching this wild story unfold in front of our eyes. I'm crossing my fingers for a season two, although I'm not sure what exactly that might look like. 

This show is incredibly well done, and if you don't believe me, you can check out its 100% fresh rating on rotten tomatoes for proof. 

Have you watched it, or at least the trailer? What did you think of it? Can there be a season two?????