the -ing list // vol. 3

the -ing list // vol. 3
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LISTENING / the most random assortment of music. i’m the type of person who listens to a handful of songs for three months straight and then gets bored and has to switch it up. I’ve been listening to a mix of the 1975, ariana grande, saint motel, and dolly parton? lil spotify playlist here if you’re curious. (also tbt to when i made playlists every week, should i bring that back?)

HOSTING / My favorite party of the year! I’ve hosted a hot chocolate party every year of college and the past two years I’ve paired up with a friend to host what we call the gingerbread making extravaganza hot chocolate spectacular. It has everything, hot chocolate, whipped cream, mulled wine, a charcuterie board, gingerbread houses, white elephant… i could go on. It really is something I look forward to every december as a way to spend time with my friends before finals consumes our lives. If you’d like a post about all the logistics and whatnots if you want to recreate it for yourself, let me know!

VOLUNTEERING / I’ve been spending a bit of time helping out with Choose Love, a pop-up shop in nyc and london where you can buy products for refugees. My friend Jess has been working closely with their team to help create this store and it has been so awesome to be apart of it. I helped them get the physical space ready by cleaning and painting and have also helped shoot photos for press. Definitely check out their site to learn more about this awesome concept!

READING /  I finished two books in one weekend! Finally wrapped up An Edible History of Humanity by Tom Standage which was enlightening but not as engaging as A History of the World in Six Glasses in my opinion. I’ve had Based on a True Story sitting on my shelf for almost a year and finally finshed it up a few mornings ago. I bought it at the duty free in heathrow in may of 2017 (!!!) read it for a few months before getting bored and putting it away. I don’t know if I stopped right before it got good, or if I was just really craving fiction (?) after reading so many food books, but I finished the rest in one sitting and am still confused and perplexed about the ending in the best way possible. If anyone has read it, please please please share your thoughts!!!

WATCHING / Nothing, but once I get home you bet i’m gonna be parked in front of our obnoxious fancy schmancy curved tv. I’m already planning on watching the new season of Chef’s Table, Daredevil, finishing up Salt Fat Acid Heat, and getting caught up on Good Eats: Reloaded.

FEELING / Weird? Fall semester is quickly coming to an end which means that the planning for post-grad life is really real. I’m starting the job hunt which makes me incredibly anxious and nervous and i’ve been thinking a lot about my college experience. Obviously there’s things I wish I had done differently or knew sooner but I am where I am and we just have to move forward.