Blue and Gold (+a question or two!)
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Sweater: Everlane // Jeans: Madewell // Shoes: Madewell (similar) // Bandana: Madewell // Coat: Everlane

I just want to start off by saying how much I miss sharing outfit posts regularly on here. The past few weeks I've put together various outfits that I wish I had the time to photograph! I wore this a week or two ago to brunch with my friend Maddie and she's the best because she's always willing to help with blog photos and she knows my best angles. I'm crossing my fingers that I have the chance to shoot more once it gets warm again. 

Everything I'm wearing is pretty new, and the fact that it all works together so well is a good sign in my book that I'm being a smart shopper. 

My love for navy has reared its head again and I'm not mad at it. After looking at this sweater online for months I finally decided to add it to my cart and I'm mad that I didn't buy it sooner! Believe me when I say that I want to wear this sweater every day. It's the right amount of oversized in a way that feels cool and easy-going instead of unflattering and messy. It's made of cotton, so while it's not as warm as my wool sweaters in the winter time, it's easy to wash and I know I can always slip a layer under it if I need the extra warmth. I'm contemplating on getting this sweater in cream or black because it's just that good. I'm leaning towards it in cream because the cream sweater I got a few months ago from Madewell isn't looking so hot anymore (which is a damn shame because I love it so much). 

For the first time I was able to find my size of jeans available at a Madewell store (I went all the way to Brooklyn for them, #dedicated) and it feels amazing to finally have a pair of high waisted jeans that fit like they're supposed to. 

I finished it off with my usual chelsea boots, a gold bandana from Madewell for a bit of color and fun, and topped it all off with my very warm puffer jacket that I picked up from Everlane during their Choose What to Pay Event that was an actual dream come true. I feel like winter hasn't been as bad as it could have been, but there's definitely been some cold and wet days and this jacket has kept me warm and toasty. 

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