I like Saturdays best

I like Saturdays best

I saw a tweet asking whether people preferred cities or small towns, and my thought was cities because they can feel like both. There is no lack of energy living in Manhattan. The fast pace, constant noise and internal drive. This city is exciting. This city doesn't wait for anyone. It has its own agenda, one that often conflicts with everyone else's in the form of constant construction, MTA delays, or slow moving tourists. But this city knows how to take a break and slow all. the. way. down.

It's the Saturday mornings at seven when the city sleepily opens it's eyes, but chooses to linger in bed. It was a Saturday morning at seven when my eyes popped open and my body readied itself for the morning trek to trader Joe'sā€“ a 40 minute walk my friends tease me for (Why not take the subway? Why not go to the one closer to you?) It's the 40 minute walk I adore. I usually use this time to catch up on a podcast, or listen to my music my personally curated soundtrack for the city. But on mornings like this, when it's cool but not cold, when the humidity is welcomed for feeling fresh on my face.

(I didn't grow up in a costal area or near water, but I imagine I would have loved it. The feeling of cool damp air on my face in the morning.)

When the city is deliciously quiet, that I must savor it instead of filling my ears with noise and other thoughts and stories and tunes. It's Saturday morning at seven when the sun makes the streets glow in a way that can't be captured. When I notice the details of buildings I walk past day in and day out. 

It's Saturday morning at seven when I love this city the most.