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Top: Zara // Shorts: J.Crew Factory // Shoes: Converse // Sunglasses: Amazon

I just want to start by saying that I think this is my first time in six years of blogging that I've shot, edited, and written a post all in one day? I gotta say, the first time that the sun really starts to shine and the weather gets warm I'm filled with this incredible energy to do everything. We're not totally dealing with summer temps quite yet here in NYC but we got our first taste of 90-degree weather and I am thrilled. As a Texas gal there's something about the heat that I love and I needed to remember what actual warmth felt like before heading home next week!

I'm in the last week of my Junior year here at NYU and am trying to soak it all it. I hadn't been to central park since October so my old roomie and I headed up for there for a morning of walking around and taking photos. Luckily, there are still some blooming cherry blossoms hanging around that made for the perfect backdrop. 

Fully committed to embracing the 90-degree weather I bared my freshly shaven legs (because shaving is now a thing again. Boo, but also yay for dolphin smooth legs!!!) in a basic pair of black chino shorts paired with a lace top because ventilation is key, and your classic converse and hat duo. When it comes to dressing for the heat, a no-fuss outfit is always the way to go. 

The energy that pulses through the city on the first summer-like day is a feeling that can't be described or replicated. Totally feeling ready to wrap up junior year, have some time to decompress back home in texas, and ready to come back to the city and kick some ass all summer.