Summer Safari
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Top: Everlane // Shorts: Uniqlo // Shoes: Converse // Sunglasses: Eye Buy Direct

Summertime and the outfits are simple. No unnecessary, heat-trapping layers. No strappy tops or frilly skirts. No makeup or statement jewelry. Just a roll of the sleeve here, a tuck of the shirt there, and simple, functional accessories. No fuss— just what the 90+ degree weather warrants. 

These linen blend shorts from Uniqlo have quickly become a favorite of mine. They're loose and breezy which makes them ideal for high temps and humid days. The drawstring waist ensures that they fit me properly, the pockets are large enough to let me run around sans bag, and they absolutely make me look like I belong on a safari which I'm surprisingly okay with. I 110% look like the Nigel Thornberry and I'm not mad about it. 

This top, one of my first everlane purchases, is another favorite for its cool box cut and simple pocket detail. It's comfortable, doesn't show sweat, and with two simple rolls of the sleeves, it gives off the perfect 'lived-in' look. 

Add a pair of all white chuck's (a summer classic, if you will), and a hat and sunglasses (because what is makeup, or a good hair day?) and you've got yourself a no-fuss summer look. You're welcome.