the -ing list // vol. 1

the -ing list // vol. 1
the ing list vol 1.png

LISTENING / So many songs on repeat. I'm super behind so I'm just now getting into Something to Tell You by HAIM, Melodrama, by Lorde, and Love & Hate by Michael Kiwanuka. On the more current side of things, I've been listening to Ben Howard's new singles (especially Nica Libres at Dusk !!!) on repeat since I bought tickets to see him in October. Cardi B's album is gonna be the mood all summer along with "Nice for What" by Drake. I can't get "This is America" by Childish Gambino out of my head for obvious reasons, and I just started listening to Bearcubs who I swear is just James Blake making music under a different name. Listen to Underwaterfall if you don't believe me. 

TESTING / Just being frank, I sweat a lot and have ruined one too many white t-shirts with sweat stains so I'm trying out this natural deodorant after reading that the reason why sweat stains clothing is because of the reaction between the sweat and aluminum in most antiperspirants! So far I'm not too impressed (still getting stains :/), but I think I'm gonna try out type:A or Native before I totally rule natural deodorant out. Also gonna go stock up on some OxiClean in the meantime and see if that can save my favorite white tees. Super glamorous, right?

FEELING / Speaking of being home, it's been so great to be home! I'm taking things easy and enjoying all the tex-mex Austin has to offer. This little break is so good for me and I feel like  I'm able to finally recharge my battery after running on empty for so long. While it's been wonderful, I've had quite a lot of feelings, which I go into more here.

BUYING / I've added some fun items to my closet in the last few weeks that I'm just jazzed about. I was able to scoop these jeans during a sale on sale at Madewell and they are the perfect pair of high-waisted jeans for the summer. They're 100% cotton and as stiff as a board but have already been worn a million times. These linen blend shorts from Uniqlo are also a winner and are perfect for every occasion! Wear them with a button-down, a blouse, t-shirt, bodysuit—you name it, it's gonna look great. I also placed an order for Everlane's denim shorts which I'm very excited about and should be arriving this weekend. 

WATCHING / I recently watched the Netflix documentary called Take Your Pills which talks about ADHD/ADD, Adderall, and Ritalin. I have terrible issues focusing and have actually wondered if I might fall on the lower end of the spectrum until one of the featured subjects brought this up: are more and more people struggling with ADHD? Or do we just live in an ADHD society? With constant alerts from our phones, social media updates, etc we're always distracted and it's clearly not helping us in the long run. I also watched Chef's Table: Pastry which was wonderful but not as impressive as past seasons, A few episodes of My Next Guest Needs No Introduction, and I watched Evil Genius which is just w i l d.