Into The Woods
In the woods- toyosi oyelola-4.jpg

One of the best parts about living in New York City is taking a moment to get away from it. Before we all started working for the summer, or in the case of my friend Sarah, left the country, we planned a girls trip to the middle of nowhere New York. We somehow all survived the four-hour drive upstate and spent our weekend reading, cooking and grilling, and getting highly invested in a few rounds of egyptian ratscrew (I won both times if you were wondering).

With our nonexistent cell service and spotty wifi, we really had the chance to ~unplug~ and really be in the ~moment~ with one another. I couldn't ask for a better group of people to be around and I'm glad that I got to see a little bit more of this state with them by my side. As someone with too many emotions who is constantly thinking about the future, I'm stoked to tell people about our ideal little weekend in the woods, and reminisce on how cute out cabin was or how fun it was to prep a full and proper breakfast for everyone while they slept in. 

We all know I'm a Texas girl through and through, but I love how I can have a busy city life, and a more stripped down and laid back just a few hours away. 

Looking forward to our next nature adventure, hoping we pick a place or a time that doesn't have black flies.