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Coat: J.Crew (similar) // Sweater: Gap (similar) // Skirt: H&M (similar) // Boots: Madewell // Earrings: J.Crew

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Cuffed - Toyosi Oyelola-7.jpg

This is easily one of my favorite outfits to date. I’ve been in a bit of a style rut and this outfit just makes me feel so excited! I think as I inch closer to entering the “real world” I’ve been wanting to put together outfits that make me look and feel put together. I’ve had a hankering for skirts and dresses and earrings and anything that is simple but feels thoughtful and elevated.

I got this coat for christmas this year and it is just SO GOOD. The color is perfect, it’s quite warm with the right layers underneath, and I can’t get over the ribbed cuff on the sleeves and collar. Not only does it keep me extra toasty, but it’s a detail that it fun to play up and accentuate. I can’t get enough of this double cuffed look that happens when I let my sweater poke out from the sleeves. It’s a fun way to add some color and interest without really trying and it makes the coat feel extra special.

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I’m also having such an earring moment and bought these tortoise shell hoops as a little treat for myself. I’ve worn them at least 3 times this past week because they are neutral enough to not feel out of place on a Tuesday morning, but still bold enough to make it look like I put in effort when there’s a 95% chance that I didn’t even brush my hair.

I’m crossing my fingers that spring weather comes quickly so I can get out and shoot more. I’m making a mental list of some things I’d like to pick up to refresh my spring/summer wardrobe and I can’t wait to play around with my style some more in the next few months.

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