the -ing list // vol. 4

the -ing list // vol. 4
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LISTENING / James Blake’s latest album, lots of Ariana Grande (NASA is my favorite at the moment), some new to me Rainbow Kitten Surprise, and some random songs I’ve found from shows I’ve been watching. Playlist with my current faves here.

COOKING / So many recipes from Bon Appétit. I love their photography and how they format their recipes and almost exclusively look on their site for meal inspo. This chocolate-cashew chia seed pudding has become my favorite breakfast, the chicken and rice soup was easy and simple but still super cozy. I did a riff on their broccoli and egg fried rice but with quinoa instead which was a great way for me to use up some leftovers I had. Also the broccoli and tahini sauce is killer in quinoa bowls with black beans or some other sort of roasted veg and makes an easy and healthy lunch or dinner.

WANTING / Every pair of bold earrings under the sun. A second lobe piercing (so I can wear my favorite studs and every pair of bold earrings under the sun). Warmer weather. White pants (i tried these on in person and they looked terrible on me </3). A new camera. To not have every second of my life be scheduled (I can only dream).

READING / Not much but I recently picked up Hardly Children, a book of short stories and have been attempting to read a bit before bed each night. The best way to describe it so far is just strange? It’s often not until I’ve finished a story that I’ll really be able to process how I feel about it. I could easily see how someone could love it or hate it, and I haven’t decided where I stand on it yet.

WATCHING / I watched plenty of Netflix while I was home over break, especially when I got food poisoning and couldn’t leave my couch for four days (so fun!). I finally finished Mad Men and I watched and love love loved Roma. I honestly don’t know how a movie with no real plot can make me feel so much and be so beautiful. I also binged Sex Education which I cannot recommend enough. I love British humor and it’s so well done. When I got back to nyc I went to see a viewing of the live-action Oscar nominated shorts for this year. I didn’t know what to expect going into it, but the shorts were a lot darker than I expected. They we’re still good in terms of being well done and showcasing their stories in interesting ways, but it just wasn’t what I had in mind for my Friday night. Lastly, I watched Dating Around on Netflix and feel so seen. Dating in new york is honestly an extreme sport and Dating Around captures it so well and feels very real despite technically being a reality show.

FEELING / Better than I did at the end of the year, but still in the process of figuring things out. Once I solidify my post-grad job (hopefully soon!) I’ll be able to breathe a little easier and be able to start thinking about apartments and all that fun stuff. I’ve always had a busy schedule, but this semester is really killing me. I’m working almost 35 hours a week between two jobs, taking three classes, and some how trying to make time for friends, and myself. I’m not doing the best job at finding that balance which is disappointing for me, but I know I can only go so hard for so long before i totally burnout.