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Denim Jacket: Levi’s, Thrifted (similar) // Dress: Old Navy (jumpsuit version!) // Shoes: Birkenstock // Earrings: Madewell

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Y’all. I truly think this is the most “blogger” outfit I’ve ever worn.Like tell me that every blogger wasn’t wearing this outfit circa 2013?! Either way, i’m not mad at it. The warmer weather we’ve been having activated my tendency to impulse buy and I found myself buying this midi dress at old navy even though I swore that I hated anything midi/maxi length. I usually find that so much fabric swallows me up and is annoying to deal with (same reason why i hate sweatpants), but I’ve finally come to the light and realized how comfortable a long, loose dress can be. This dress is honestly comfortable enough to wear around the house and I may or may not have done so while cleaning my apartment this weekend…

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I can already tell that this dress is going to get a lot of wear this spring and summer. It’s a light periwinkle color with white stripes so it adds some color to my neutral wardrobe without being totally out there. I’m excited to wear this under a cropped sweater, under or over a t-shirt, with different accessories, bright lipsticks, the list goes on and on.

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