The Beginning of the End: Last Semester

It’s here. My last semester of college. This semester has been the fastest-slowest semester I’ve ever experienced. It’s crazy to think that soon my life won’t be measured in semesters or defined by the classes I took or internships I worked. No more asking where I go to school, but instead asking where I work and what school I went to. The past four years have felt like a fever dream, because there’s no way I could have imagined the way my life has gone the past four years. I’ll save all my sappiness and emotions for May when the end is truly near but in the meantime I can’t stop thinking about how much I’ll miss this. I’ll miss all the free food at school events, nights in the library when I’ve put everything off until the last possible second. I started off my senior year in a very low place. I was stressed about what I wanted to do, I was struggling financially, I felt like I had no sense of control over anything in my life. As I’ve started my second semester, my life has picked up, my schedule is packed and almost every minute of my day during the week is accounted for, but I hope, and I’m trying, to savor these days and these moments.

15 year-old me still can’t believe that I made it here. 21 year-old me can’t believe that it’s all coming to an end so soon.

holiday gift guide 2018!

oh? what’s this? a gift guide you say? it’s almost like i’m a real blogger!! The last time i did a gift guide was 2014, and i’m not sure if my gift giving skills have gotten better since then. I’ve essentially decided what i’m getting my friends and family for christmas, but i thought it’d be fun to make a gift guide full of things i have and love or items that i’ve had my eye on for myself (cough cough wink wink @mom @dad @brother)

experiences are also great gift options considering that most of us probably have too much stuff anyways. i think a cooking or wine tasting class, a massage or spa day, a paint night, or offering to make a nice dinner are great gift ideas!


oversized alpaca crew, $95 // who can resist a cozy sweater?

soft cotton square crew, $68 // hands down one of my favorite sweaters in the world. I have it in navy as well as white and wear them often come fall/winter/spring. It’s 100% cotton so no need to fuss over it in the wash, yet it’s a heavy enough knit to stay warm in or layer with. I wear a xxs in everlane tops but have it in a xs which you can see here to get a sense of the fit.

new york sweatshirt, $50 // a good sweatshirt is a key component of a solid weekend uniform. easy to pair with leggings on the weekend or with jeans and over a button down if you’re up for it.

masculin féminin sweatshirt, $125 // apparently based off the 1966 french-swedish new wave film of the same name. sounds dope, looks cool– why not?

renew lightweight puffer, $88 // i recently bought this for myself and love it. it’s made out of recycled plastic and is lightweight while still being warm. for my friends down south– this is better than wearing every hoodie you own when it gets cold out (you know y’all don’t know how to dress below 40), and for my east coast babes you know the benefit of a lightweight puffer already– this one’s a good one.

denim jacket, $88 // because everyone looks good in a denim jacket. this one from everlane is my favorite out of the three denim jackets i own, comes in six colors. see it on me here (i’m wearing an xxs).


flannel robe, $75 // i am all about being cozy at home and while i typically just toss on a random hoodie if i’m feeling cold, a cute robe would be a nice substitute. plus you’ll look real cute while frantically trying to finish your coffee, pick out an outfit, and pack your stuff for the day in the morning rush.

7/8 spring leggings, $85 // cool girls work out in outdoor voices. i’m not cool so i go grocery shopping in old navy leggings (still cute !!!). lots of fun prints and color ways for gals who love working out or at least looking like they do

oval barrette, $17 // i’m currently having a tortoise obsession and have realized that pulling back some of my hair is an easy way to look decent? what a concept.

bandana, $13 // wear it in your hair! around your neck! on your purse! a super easy little add on gift or a sweet addition to a nice holiday card. plenty of options to pick from!

arc wire fringe earrings, $32 // my favorite statement earrings. lightweight and so fun! seem them on me here.

tortoise hoops, $20 // re: see tortoise comment above


glossier balm dot com, $12 each, 3 for $30 // the best lip balm out there. always a welcome gift in the middle of winter. buy a pack of three to give as one gift or split among others

kiehi’s mighty moisture set, $30 // kiehi’s is my favorite skincare brand and this set is perfect for anyone with dry skin (aka all of us during the winter)

bombas socks, $12 // the only socks i can wear since i interned for them a few years ago. ridiculously comfortable, they hold up well, and for every pair you purchase a pair is donated to someone in need.

flannel blanket scarf, $23 // ahh, the classic cop out gift. the amount of times i’ve given my mom a scarf as a gift– ha! might be over done but they’re still useful, cute, and warm in the winter.

modern snap backpack, $68 // i have a different backpack from everlane but either way think a backpack is great if you have someone who could use a refresh. perfect for travel, or someone who’s always on the go.

twill weekender, $98 // i actually got this for my birthday and feel so cool to have a duffle that matches my backpack when i travel. it’s quite spacious and perfect for a short trip. the material of my backpack has held up well over the years after almost daily use so i trust that this will too!


soft touch black tumblers (set of six), $36 // i’m actually getting these for my brother for Christmas. they are sleek and perfect for everyday.

gold cheese knives, $15 // i love love love my cheese knives and bring them with me to every party that i make a cheese platter for. perfect for your hostess with the most-ess and they make entertaining that much more fun.

small victories, $30 // my brother gave me a personally signed copy for christmas a few years ago and i love it so far! i’ve only made a few recipes in it, but it’s accessible, filled with some yummy dishes, and has encouraged me to try and cook new things. she recently came out with another cookbook, now and again, that i also think would be a great gift.

salt fat acid heat, $30 // ideal for anyone who wants to learn more about cooking from a more technical standpoint. gift them the book and then offer to watch the show on netflix together if you haven’t already!

google home mini, $50 // i love my google mini and use it for everything from playing music, setting timers, and checking the weather. it’s the perfect size for someone in college or that has a small space. sound is not ah-mazing, but it works well for my apartment!

concept planner, $34 // i came across this planner awhile ago at a bookstore and fell in love with the design. it’s simple and beautifully made, perfect for someone who constantly is trying to get their life together.

I hope this post was helpful for some of you! I’ve listed the full price for these items, but almost everything mentioned is on sale for black friday/cyber monday so it’s a perfect time to start and finish gift shopping. I’d love to know what you’re planning on giving out this season!