Life Lately

Hi, Hello! For those of you who don't follow me on instagram, I'm back in New York and my sophomore year here at NYU is currently underway. It's been about two and a half weeks since I got back and plenty has already happened. I moved into my new place in Soho, was on the media team for NYU's massive Welcome Week, started my internship at Bombas, and started classes. 

I thought I was ready to get back into the swing of things, especially after my lackluster summer, but boy was I wrong. In the past few weeks I have struggled like no other. 

I've felt physically exhausted despite sleeping eight hours a night and eating healthy. I've managed to lose enough weight where my jeans are too loose and my shorts slide around my hips. I've had to remind myself to breathe and calm myself down to prevent me from crying, going into full panic/anxiety mode, or to steady my hand enough to legibly write my name on the damn sign-in sheet. 

While these weeks have been some of the most challenging ones yet, they've also been filled with new friends, dinner parties, cooking healthy meals and having lunch in the park, wonderful professors and classes that I think I'll really enjoy.  And when my body randomly decides that 6:30am is the perfect time to wake up, which has happened multiple times, then I get to enjoy some quiet mornings and sunrises, too. 

This whole growing up and taking on more responsibilities while trying to figure out who you are and what you want in life is quite a demanding, and lengthy, process. I am currently going between feeling like I can do it all, and second guessing every move I make. I'm working on figuring out what forms of self-care help me the most (if you have any suggestions, please let me know!) because at this rate, I'll be burnt to a crisp before halloween. 

I want to push myself to write or talk more about my struggles and shortcomings because I find that being vulnerable is a very powerful thing. Who knows if those writings will ever make it to the blog, or if they'll ever be written in the first place. 

If you feel like you're struggling, know that I am too. And that's okay.

The Summer of '16

If you asked me a few weeks ago if I was ready to go back to new york, my answer would have been yes. absolutely. positively. yes.

If you asked me today? well I’d be torn. I’m torn because the past few weeks have been some of the best weeks with the best people and I’m not ready to part from that. 

In high school I never felt like I was getting the high school experience that is so prevelant on tv shows, movies, and the instagrams and  snap stories of the few friends I had who attended public school. I stayed in mostly, mainly due to my inability to drive (and let’s be real my love for netflix) and generally wasnt very social outside of school. Due to the fact that this is most likely my last full summer at home and my friends a year younger than me are getting ready to head out to college for the first time, the past few weeks have been spent with getting together with people and enjoying ourselves for one last time.

I had friends over for my Moonrise Kingdom themed birthday party and we talked, listened to music, roasted smores, and caught up with one another. I wish I had pictures to show y’all but it was the perfect way to spend my birthday. For our last hoorah my friends Jess and Sydney hosted a Beatles themed murder mystery party out on our friend’s farm. It was hot, it smelled very much like a farm, basically no one had any idea what they were doing, but we were carefree, and we were too loud, and we had too much energy, and we were being young. 

Sometimes i forget that. 

i am young.

I haven’t even been 19 for a full week yet. I have an entire life of adventures before me, and as exciting as they may be, I should be in no rush to get to them. New york really knows how to make a person grow up, fast. 

Here I am getting ready for next semester setting up internships, trying to figure out my budget and how much to allocate for groceries and transportation, thinking about if I want to go to grad school or what I want to do in life and how to get there. I’m notorious for thinking 10 years ahead and being mature for my age. while I love new york, the people, the experiences and opportunities, the sights and sounds, I desperately need these nights with friends at the farm, or the afternoons at the pool, or the mornings cooking with Jess at my house. 

I need to watch dumb videos with my friends while the guys try to explain to me the difference between a doggo and a pupper (not to be confused with a doge, my generation is weird y’all). 

I need to not give a shit sometimes. 

I need to be more open with people and invest time in my friends. 

I need to be young, and relaxed, and dare I say a little reckless. 

I'm so glad that I got to make some amazing memories with amazing people, and I'm grateful that I remembered to document some of it. I want to remember belting at the top of our lungs and dancing in a dark kitchen, I want to remember the short lived pick-up basketball games, I want to remember holding your hand, I want to remember the unbelievable story involving a snake, a pigeon, and a rabbit.

I may be a little biased, but my people are the best people. I know that we'll always have facebook and snapchat and whatever other social media outlet that decides to pop up between now and forever, but I love my friends and the way they make me feel, and I don't want to leave them–at least not yet. 

Two Weeks in NYC

Somehow I've managed to make it two weeks in the city without dying or wanting to come home. It's been a busy and hectic few weeks, but I'm glad to say that I've settled into some sort of routine, whether I like it or not. This post is gonna be kinda long, so grab a cup of tea or coffee or something and enjoy some snapshots from my first few weeks in new york.

It just so happened that me and my friend Michael we're flying out to new york on the same day. We're going to school about an hour away from each other so we plan to have monthly brunches which I really look forward to.
Grabbed coffee and met up with some of my brothers friends at Hope's Garage in Williamsburg. They have the kindest, funniest workers and a great maple spiced latte. 
Did some tourist-y things with my parents before they left so I could spend time with them and so my mom could actually experience the city for the first time.
Move-in day was actually pretty painless. I only brought four suitcases and was probably unpacked in roughly an hour. 
My dorm may not have AC, but it does have a sweet rooftop that over looks 5th avenue which we get access to from time to time. 
Meet Ben! I met him because we're both FACES of NYU Welcome Week and we live in the same building. He's actually the most followed man on Wanelo and his eyelashes are beautiful.
Meet Zach! He's also from Texas so we're naturally bonded for life.
Meet Isabella! I swear she is Indiana's duplicate and she is so sweet and wonderful and I love her.
The Welcome Week team made buttons with the faces of the FACES on them which is super adorable and I currently have one taped to my desk because #vanity
Getting into the team spirit with my cohort before heading to Central Park for field day! 
Casual picture with my buddy John. NO BIG DEAL.
Went to the US Open and got to watch Roger Federer play because it was part of orientation for my school. Ugh, college is the woooorst. (kidding)
More friends! Meet Juju and Andrew. They're cute. I like them a lot.
These shoes make me feel powerful and very New York. They also hurt to walk in for a long period of time which is a bummer.
My go-to "going out look": any assortment of clothes + red lipstick. Works every time.
Ended Welcome Week with a 5-hour "Festi-Ball" and I couldn't feel my feet for days.
Fresh lemonade from a stand at a market in the park.
My nightly view on the walk home.
Meet Nikki! I actually met her about two years ago in Boston while we were both touring Boston University and we somehow ended up getting into Stern and going to NYU and she is one of my best friends and I'm very grateful for her.
I stumbled upon some home decor places in SoHo and found some really affordable items to help decorate and organize my desk!
I really love these rain boots, and pictures of my shoes apparently? Also, LEAVES??!??
Shot at the High Line with Ashley for a bit and then grabbed dinner from Num Pang in Chelsea Market. I could get used to this routine. 

So far, I guess you could say that New York has been treating me pretty well. 

Life Lately

Life is busy. I feel like the last few weeks have been slow and easy yet fast and jam-packed at the same time. There's so many big changes happening in my life right now and I've just been going with the flow and seeing what happens next. I figured if you like me enough to read my blog, you might like me enough to want to know what's going on in my life currently!
p.s you can see this entire outfit here!
p.p.s can we please acknowledge how nice my eyebrows look in this pic??? I plan on doing a little review on a new brow product I picked up recently!

Life lately has included LOTS of avocados. Funny enough I hate the taste of avocado, but I love it paired with other things. I was inspired to add avocado to my breakfast by Fran, but I think i'll substitute it with some bacon next time ;)
However, avocado on a salad is MY JAM. Seriously so delicious. I've turned into the person who makes a salad as a midnight snack instead of reaching for the entire thing of oreos. We buy a basic garden salad mix as Sam's, and then I add some avocado, some salt and pepper, a bit of ranch, and some bacon because why not? 
Fourth of July came and went, and like every other year I pigged out on barbecue and missed most of the fireworks.
I bought a one way ticket to New York which is CRAZY BECAUSE THIS IS ACTUALLY HAPPENING AND I AM STILL A CHILD.
I packed up all my stuff...
...and unpacked them in our new house! After what seemed like forever, we finally moved into our new home and I've been spending the past week trying to get settled in and adjust. The last time we moved, I was two years old so I didn't realize how exhausting this entire process is.
It feels weird to see my old room and house so empty and bare, but I took plenty of pictures and video so i'll always remember my childhood home.
For the past few weeks, every Tuesday. I've been hitting up Starbucks for my weekly meetings for my job (which feels really weird to say). I'm the Social Media Director for The 234 Project (go follow us on twitter!)  and I'll probably talk about this a bit more in the future :)

The first of my dorm stuff came in the mail yesterday which is making me even more excited for school to start! I finally got to know who my roommates are and I get to live in an old hotel with large windows and hardwood floors on 5th avenue this upcoming school year!
I love our new neighborhood because I'm only two streets away from my best friend! We spent some time at the pool yesterday and came back to my place to make a ridiculously delicious lunch.

So that's my life lately! What have y'all been up to?